Main objectives of the Task Force

To prospect, introduce and/or sell our clients’ products for the Horeca channel in specific geographic areas for a defined period of time, using external human resources managed by SEP Horeca, to achieve the agreed prospection/sales targets.

Why Task Force?
The benefits of using Task Force
• Commercial development in geographic areas that are little exploited or unreachable by our client due to lack of resources
• Introduction of new product launches
• Expansion of the efficient, effective and quality sales/prospecting activity
• Direct sales
• Sales transfer for our client’s distributors
• Identification of potential customers in the short, medium and long term
• Acquisition of sensitive commercial information (competition, attractiveness, solvency and product viability)
• Presentation and dissemination of our client’s product or product category to the Horeca channel
• Strengthening of the reputation and positioning of our client’s brands
• Flexibility regarding the duration of the sales force.
Features of Task Force Horeca

The agreement between SEP Horeca and the client is of a fixed duration. This is usually assessed monthly, with a minimum of 3 months sales activity.

The Task Force service may be extended annually and could become a fully outsourced commercial activity.

Fees are partly fixed and partly variable.

This valuation includes the following concept:
A) Promotor selection
B) Promotor fees
C) Sales force management
D) Expenses inherent in the commercial activity (per diems and transport)
E) Commercial advice

On completion of the TASK FORCE period, the company will have the option to incorporate the professional into their structure, paying the sum agreed.

SEP Horeca undertakes to maintain absolute confidentiality of all the client’s internal information, which will not be disclosed to third parties and will only be used for the client’s benefit.