The first strategic and human resource consultancy for the Horeca channel
SEP Headhunting
Strategic headhunting for suppliers and operators in the Horeca channel. In-depth knowledge of this sector and profiles within the sector. Our mission is not just to find the best professional, but to find the most suitable candidate for our client’s environment, evolution and current situation.
SEP Strategy
We provide services to small and medium-sized suppliers and operators, such as ad-hoc market studies, consultancy and creation and implementation of strategic plans, with the aim of increasing our clients’ positioning and helping them to grow their business.
SEP Task Force
We prospect, introduce and sell our clients’ products in specific geographic areas for a defined period of time, using external human resources managed by SEP Horeca, to achieve the agreed prospection/sales targets.
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SEP Export
Everyone can export their products quite easily. The key point is if we want to export through opportunistic sales, or if we want to implement our brand in another market, with a clear strategy to achieve a long term presence, and above all, having full control of the situation.
Why SEP Horeca?
An adapted and effective recruitment process tailored to your needs
In-depth knowledge of the sector and its representatives
Executive management team specialised in Horeca
Experts in the selection of internal and external professionals
Field professionals with extensive experience in the sector
Method and rigour in our approach and activity
Ability to identify and work with our clients’ real potential customer profile/s
Capable of designing sales and prospecting tools and processes adapted to our client
Ability to integrate field information and to define profit lines
Focused on tangible and measurable results.