To export is not the same as implementing a brand in a new market

Everyone can export their products quite easily. The key point is if we want to export through opportunistic sales, or if we want to implement our brand in another market, with a clear strategy to achieve a long term presence, and above all, having full control of the situation.

SEP Export’s “method”

1. Identification of the most attractive markets. It is key to establish achievable goals subject to the available human and economic resources of the company.

2. Analysing the selected market and the potential positioning of our brand based on the following parameters:

– Market subsegments
– Distribution channels
– Potential customers
– Competitors Marketing mix

3. Conclusions and strategic recommendations to implement.

– Identification of the subsegments within the potential customers
– Definition of the right range of products and/or categories
– Route to market and sales organization model
– Design of the sales and marketing plan

4. Executing the agreed strategic plan, and continued “follow up” of the actions and the results achieved.

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